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Below the Clock - J.V. Turner

I like it. it's political - the Chancellor of the Exchequer collapses dead in the House of Commons while starting a speech about reducing the Deficit - and I'm having to keep my list of politician suspects, plus whoever else shows up, sorted in my head as best I can...but this book was considered a bit shocking in its day for where it set its murder, and I do seem to be in the midst of a compelling whodunit, political or not. the author is credited with being the first in Britain to try out the "hard-boiled" style catching on in the US, but that was under another name, and has nothing to do with this book. Below The Clock seems more Golden Age Detective Puzzle than anything else, and it gives me Turner's popular series crime-solvers, Ripple (Scotland Yard) and Petrie (amateur; would rather be fishing or drinking). they are cool fellas, so far, especially Petrie.