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Excellent Intentions - Richard   Hull, Martin Edwards

it started with courtroom proceedings in the first few pages, so I had to brace for a certain stiffness in the descriptions, and just hope the author knew when to put that aside and start filling out character ticks, maybe sneak in a bit of humor, and when getting down to the “extended flashbacks” showing the lead up to the murder, the murder, and the police investigation, and beyond, hope it would not all be stiff as a Judge’s dialogue and wig! thankfully, the book has loosened up where necessary, and though not as playful as Below The Clock was - my last Golden Age Mystery, also featuring an improbable and bizarre poisoning - it is very entertaining, thus far.


not sure this will be a favorite, from this line of neglected books - Seven Dead from earlier this year will be hard to top - but Hull has me thoroughly on his hook. it’s pretty entertaining in the early-going. last third may determine my overall assessment.