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Excellent Intentions - Richard   Hull, Martin Edwards

this Mystery makes the reader responsible for keeping track of many little details concerning events as they (allegedly) happened between 9:45 AM and 5:00 PM on a Thursday, at the victim’s home. this involves the gradual formulation of a timeline involving four suspects and their movements in and around the large house...and it is also important for the Inspector, and therefore the reader, to keep track of what happened to two key items - was either object moved or tampered with - during that same stretch of time. thank goodness for Inspector Fenby jotting down two timelines - one for each item I alluded to - which also can’t help but mention the people involved too. and it’s at that point where I’m going to leave off until tomorrow...because then I can review the two orders-of-events again, right where my bookmark is.


so it’s a bit complicated, but maybe not any more so than tracking everyone’s movements within an hours-long time-frame in Wentworth’s The Clock Strikes Twelve, and that all made sense in the end, all discrepancies in suspects’ recollections and testimony got explained, and any fiddling with objects or items laying about a large abode, and the significance of such shenanigans, all came to light. I’ve been down this road before, and when it goes from confusing, to “no longer confusing, really, but what, amongst all this data - some of it contradictory - shows me who the murderer is??”, to “Oh, that’s brilliant!!”, then it’s a wonderful experience. I hope I’m in for that again, at finale-time.