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Strong Poison - Dorothy L. Sayers

it amuses me a little that the last time I visited with Peter Wimsey it was Anthony Berkeley doing the writing. and a fine job he did, too - but in the end, Accept Substitutes Only Briefly. time for the real thing...aaaaaand it’s nearly flawless. I don’t care that the whodunit aspect seems to point in one main direction. it reads so smooth and everything is just right. I’m not sure Harriet’s mind is on being wooed during an incarceration, but she’s handling Wimsey’s Bad Timing Award run as best she can. Butter and Miss Murchison are troopers, as is One Stubborn Juror, the Climpson Blockade Leading To Inconvenient Restart.


anyway, it’s a pip - practically five pips! - and nice to be back with Sayers.