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The Reaper - Ted Allbeury

it features direct, no-nonsense storytelling, and overall I like it. the heroine is easy to cheer for, trained in the lethal arts very quickly so she could get on the trail of four old Nazis who killed her Jewish husband, and doing pretty well far. I was a bit amused at her brief Toronto stopover before Amsterdam; this was a 2 or 3 page sequence and the author tried to get a Toronto right as much as necessary...but called the Maple Leafs (hockey team) the “Maple Leaves”. I was thinking later that - if that Toronto detail was wrong, he could make few other little ones any where else this woman ends up around the world, and I would not know. well, hopefully he got most of the other cities and their details right. anyway, no biggie.


this was meant to tide me over between meatier books - and my last Spy novel was the opposite of this - so The Reaper is fulfilling its purpose: quick, entertaining revenge Thriller with not much by way of adornments or deep meaning. I like it. don’t yet know how high a rating t can achieve with me.