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Inspector French's Greatest Case - Freeman Wills Crofts

this seems like it will be better than the last Crofts novel I read - The Pit-Prop Syndicate - which was not an Inspector French book, and got rather dull in the second half, which revealed the entire novel’s uninspired premise, thus sabotaging a decent first half. even my last Inspector French novel, The Hog’s Back Mystery, did not compare well with three or so that I really like.


diamonds spread all over the cover of my edition of Inspector French’s Greatest Case made me worry that there might be no whodunit aspect here - just French chasing down a ring of thieves, or something - but we do have a corpse, some suspects, alibis to be checked, a “most obvious suspect” (inexplicably nervous under questioning) who seems too obvious at this early stage, a young-lovers romance not without its warts, okay yes some missing diamonds, and, to sum up, plenty of potential for this author to redeem himself with me, one of his more loyal readers round these here parts.