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Topper - Thorne Smith

so - Topper next for me, after all. The Death Chamber was a little bit “ghosty”, but not the way Topper is guaranteed to be.


Thorne Smith’s humorous Fantasy romps have a lot of fans; I’m not a big one. I find the level of humor gets a bit silly, juvenile, and can be woefully out of date, borderline offensive. give me Wodehouse instead, any day. even though Smith’s pioneering “body swap” novel Turnabout is one I liked, I prefer Laughing Gas from about five years later - Wodehouse’s take on two people suddenly finding they’ve exchanged bodies (all this gave us several 1980s movies) - over some of the goofy developments or adolescent-level humor of Thorne Smith’s take. meanwhile, Rain in the Doorway, was entertaining - but again, just reinforced the fact that Smith doesn’t entirely dazzle me throughout his now-dated books. and Night Life of the Gods left me cold...didn’t work for me at all. still...maybe everybody should read one Thorne Smith Light Fantasy novel; the one that led to the TV show Bewitched is not sitting on a book stack near me, but Topper, the most famous one thanks to a film version, is. and so, one more silly, bumpy, ride...