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Paul mitchell flash finish mother of pearl polish for blondes


Pearlescent polish for blondes is a surface coating of hair with a tinting effect that gives a clean, glossy tone and removes unwanted effects (yellow and yellow-orange shades). The procedure is performed using flash finish ™. Polish is the final stage of clarification: clarified hair is finally polished to the desired shade.


Flash  finish ™ dye  :


Based on plant pigments and does not contain ammonia.


It is enriched with hydrolyzed soy proteins (fill the damaged areas of the hair structure and smooth it over the entire length) and nutmeg oil, which normalizes the hydrobalance of the hair and protects against negative external influences. as a result, polish performs two functions at once: it not only gives a clean glossy tone, but also restores hair after aggressive lightening, has an anti-stress effect.


Who is the procedure for polishing hair?


Owners of blond hair (shades from snow-white to light golden) will be able to evaluate the greatest effect of polishing.


With light brown and darker hair, polish can be used as an additional restoring and protective measure (improves the appearance of hair, gives shine, etc.).


What shade can be given to a blond with a polish?


Both warm and cold. The polish is available in 5 shades, including: ultra-violet, cold blue-violet, strawberry blond, honey-beige, neutral blond. The polish does not contain a brown base and therefore provides a clean, transparent tone.


How is the procedure performed?



Hair polishing can be carried out both immediately after clarification, and separately from it. In the second case, deep cleansing is preliminarily performed (using shampoo three shampoo from paul mitchell. Next, flash finish ™ is applied. The exposure time is no more than 10 minutes. After the product is washed off using post-color shampoo (for professional use only) and hair conditioning is carried out.


 How often can the procedure be repeated?


To maintain a beautiful shade, we recommend performing the procedure once every 2-3 weeks. This at the same time will improve the condition of the hair, make them more moisturized, silky. But do not forget to tint (lighten) the roots in time! Here you should focus on the individual hair growth rate.


How to use : mix flash  finish in a 1: 1 ratio with  flash finish cream developer 5vol , apply to clean, towel-wrinkled hair. Leave on for 2-10 minutes depending on the condition of the hair. Rinse off.  


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